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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  December 9, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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astra zeneca may be able to help. >> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. >> and go morning and yes, people are up and at 'em and at the newesthe s hot spot in town. you're looking at live pictures of mgm nationalatio harbor. on the left we've got a crew cre en route headed there to check out the traffic situation howfit everything is going thisoing ths morning. on the right you're looking at a live picture inside of all of youture the on opulence and a grandeur. team coverage this morning if
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there which i'm sure a lot ofh f you. we'll have everything you needgo to know. >> good morning.>> thanks for joining us. gooks f i'm wisdom martin.sdom marti >> i'm holly morris. morri maureen umeh is enjoying thehe morning off. these two are not. n the gang in.gang in. gary mcgrady is working harddy i in the weather center erinenter como on top of all the roadsheos this morning.orni we're going check in with both of them in just a moment.aom let's get to the big storyio which is the mgm national harbor officially beingeing opened. open look at -- looks like vegaseg whiz. i'm telling you.i'm te >> a little bit . >> [laughter] this is skyfoxs sy capturing the scene outside of mgm. that was about 10 o'clock last0a night an hour before the casino opened. o at that time traffic was tra already causing major maj headaches in the area.achein t >> now, the congestion didn'tn ' ease up inside either. inhe in fact some waited in line fore fo hours just to get inside. insid so, the question is is it any a better this morning or are people still out there kicking it and partying and out winningg and losing. lin >> annie yu is at the roulettehe
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hey, annie. ghght. in my dreams then i woke in. wo. good morning holly and wisdom.os good morning, everybody. everydy there's no doubt that thes no grand opening was a big in the video we're going to goig show you you'll see thatee t thousands showed up lastp la night. in fact the mgm tell us head to open the doors 30oo 3 minutes earlier because initially they were supposedthey open the doors at 11 o'clockoo to the publirsc but because ofso the high demand and the wait,ai people braving the cold told outside long lines theyeong liny decided to let people ineoe in early. they opened it at 10:30 and so d entered at that and then they all -- they had lines still wrapped around.wrap the capacity here on thepaty h casino floor is about 9,000bo,0 people then want to make sure s people are comfortable whenle we they're playing so they have ag team of pesoople that kind of, you know, go around the floorher make sure people are comfortable f they feel it's too packed they'll close ited t off which is what they did last night. we talked to severalheh piseopl people this morning. we're getting all kinds of different stories but the overall sentiment is that lots t
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three hours to get inside. i which is crazy to me.e. but i'm not surprised becauseec so many people were so excited c for this. fo we've watched this project happen over the last few years s so a lot of people were w excited.ex i want to introduce you to the t frank family t-okay. t they are very animated at this hour. the frank family, good morningly to you. look at their -- l, ook at their t attire. can we first get a little shotet of their outfit of the day? i mean, they dressed, talk aboutko good morning to you guys.or >> good >> reporter: what time didng>> d you guys get here. >> i got in around 10:30. 10:. we waited in line for aboutor ao two and a half hours. was it was well worth it. was >> reporter: any winnings. w >> notter: yet. yet >> reporter:. >> reporter: we still have a few more hours.r: w s likefew tommy said it said was well worth it and it wastndi gorgeous. the casino was unbelievable.elb. it looks like a vegas casino. cn >> it is vegas cass. v no everything was fabulous really.egthin re well worthl w
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>> reporter: so when you guys were waiting to get iorten was it controlled unfelt safeele everything was okay.hing wkay. >> everything was controlled. everything was like very inn demand. >> yeah. the security was on hand.d. security was fantastic.. the service was great. and i mean there's nothing nhi else you can expect fromt fro national harbor.ti harbor. >> reporter: security is aity concern obviously with allwith these people in we're told that they have al regular security team, k-9 units as well.l. you also have prince george'sric county police officers hereolici this is a 24 hour casino soino s we're just all here ready toea t have fun.have f take a look. loo everyone is in good spirits at this hour which is so weirds soi but everyone is having fun. back to you in the studio. >> good morning. >> recruit those viewers annie n if they're up at this hour.s hou >> reporter: i-right.ig watch fox5 news morning.fox5s m. >> there you go.>> you go girl. thanks, annie. >> amazing.mazi >> all right. arswitch gearso switch ge now a little bit at 5:04 talk tk
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ash carter is in afghanistanfght this morning after making a aftn surprise visit to the bagram bra air base to visit with troops tp and consult with military commanders. this is carter's last planned trip before heading off --rter's handing off rather his his pentagon responsibilitys toitys marine general james mattis. carter plans to meet with theett afghan president during his trip. >> ??>> president-elect donaldid trump making his latestenp cabinekitng appointment during n >> during a stop any iowa theowt president-elect announced innnc what governor terry bran dadbr sadd as his pick for the newest ambassador to china.. he says he knows how to get to things done.on today trump is set to visitit michigan.chig >> trump set to nominate faste s food executive andy puzder as his labor secretary. secretary >> let's talk to gary tto g mcgrady about the coldady ab weather. >> man, really cold out. >> frigid.
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kind of the first taste ofaste basically really cold airco a coming on across.oss. look, it is could be worsese because the coldest of the air a is going to stay to the north and west of us. it has been brutal out there.ute this is true arctic air comingig down.wn a lot of temperatures belowsel zero across the 48 states thists morning. bundle up this morning and mning you're going need to stayo stay layered up today. today even after school with tch to be blowing 10,ind 20, 25 mis per hour so 36 to 42 degreesgree but listen it's going to keelo k feel like it's in the lower tot' mid 30's with thes winind chill factor all day and maybe even e just a little bit colder than. t that speak of how cold it is. it's 31 here now town.ow dulles is 28. 2 that doesn't tell the whole story. winds blowing so that's keeping the wind chill values down close to the teennds forter just about everybody.vebody wind slack concerned up forck just a little bit for fred consterick. a ler they felt like 28 degrees butut that was just when they took the observation.
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that right now. weekend looks chilly.ll we'll talk more about that inin the full forecast. foras stay with us for that but webutw got to get back to erin for traffic to see how bad or good g it is.s. erin. >> on-time traffic brought to to you by toyota. visit buy a for special offers.ffer >> 5:zero search right now andag if you're waking up and heading out in prince william county, traffic on 95 lookingkig good on the northbound side. little heavier volume thanolumtn usual on the southbound side sou heading to or from richmond r and the beltway.and the be i'll let you klnow if anyny 70's looking good as you makeask your way down towards the spurhr getting to the beltway. problem free in frederick fromro 70's down we're looking reallyel nice no usual congestion yet.ion we'll take a look at our maps. p as you make your way out you you saw how crowded and fun the mgm national harbor is this is i time of morning from annie andia right now the beltway istway looking good so if you areifou a heading out there early thishi morning for friday festivities s you're in good shape on the beltway 414 and 210 or if you live in prince george's countysy trying to get to work right
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great. on your way to bwi for an early flight 95 is metro is on time except forxcepr safe track. we'll take a closer look there cxt. holly, back to you.lo bac. >> thanks erin. eri startling statistics this morning when it comes to the number oficen i drug overdoses e the u.s. as experts say theertst problem is only getting we'll have details next. n >> later a high school football matchup round two rou highlights from this year's 3aa title game coming up. >> a live look outside also asis we head to break.. oh, yeah, we're going to leave a you with another pic mgm national harbor. hbo it is the it place right now riw in the the we're back in 30 seconds.onds don't go anywhere. >> ?? ?? ? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ?
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? in your heart. ? (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. >> ?? >> 5:09. s u'reback with stories you're engaging associate bad but probably notrt surprising news from the cdc.frc the opioid epidemic continuescot to get worse.or overdose deaths from synthetic opioids was up 73 percent last s year. here is al glimmer of hope. hop president obama says he will w sign next week a bill thatill t gives another billion dollars dl to expand access to drug t d treatment. >> up next, a setback for f developers wanting to get their hands on one of the lastoo big pieces of open space in spae days. a court ruling has rejected
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transform mcmillan filtration fi site in northwest.we the zoning commission hadssion h approved the seven 20's0' million dollars plan to put t shops offices and residents inen that area but the court saidai the commission didn't do a do good job to explain why thehy te site should exceed densityen limits for that area. aa. ly. ly. >> from hollywood now, buzzowbu over what the kardashian kardasa sisters are doing to their the soon to be sister-in-law. tmz says kim courtney andourtnen chloe are trying block black chyna's request to the name angela renee kardashian.kahi the 3k's say if china gets a trademark they'll suffer damage to their reputation gun will. will. >> great news for parents onon the hunt for this year's y hottest christmas toy talking about hatchimals.atchal target and wal-mart are amongreo a few stores that say they are getting new shipments of thets e hatchimals starting thismalstarn sunday. should call ahead to your local store to make sure that ct you get your hands on thedsn th hatchimals and good luck.uck. >> duly noted. not >> all right. rht
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about that french d.c. to cleveland, rg iii getting a geta nd cnd chance. details on his upcoming gameingm time start coming up.ingp. >> plus our team coverage att mgm national harbor continues this morning as it preparesrepae for its first full day ofayf business. live look inside there of the lobby.y. lucky seven's, come on whiz,nhi lucky search's, we're back. >> in my dreams. >> they should say lucky 5's since we're channel five.
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>> 5:13 is the time. 5 back with high school football.:1ck wit maryland's 3a title game damascus and franklin meeteet again.n. franklin cut a did he have toe o it two but the damascus b the defense ruled the day. colby starheim intercepteded three passes.
5:14 am
title their ninth in schooln scl history.hior tonight maryland's 4a final pits prince orchard verizon hornets win again. >> good news for rg iii.ho thrned ne former redskins turnen cleveland browns quarterback will start in the browns gamebrw on in e br sunday. browns head coach hugh jackson named griffin as the starterhe a against the cincinnati bengals. the browns are so far winless this season. a that way. wayrestays s i mean as a bengals >> i think it's going staynk it thatgo way the whole year. >> one of the top rivalrys in i college football and tomorrow to president-elect donald trumpelec will be in the stands for theth annual army-navy football game. it's going take place at m and t bank stadium baltimore starting at 3:00 p.m.t 3:00.m president-elect will sit on s never's side of the field for one half and then switch ton sw army side for the other half. the game has attracted theract commander-in-chief in the past
5:15 am
game in 2011. 201 >> i think that's a bucketucket list sporting convenient for me to go to the army-navyna football game. iconic huge, the pageantry,ageat the rivalry.the rivalry >> i was talking to somebodyo in this building who is who i actually going this weekend.oink >> oh really. oh >> he was talking about how we w would cold it's expected toecteo be. >> now, it is supposed to bed te atat. bundle up.bundle u >> all this big stuff he's he' going wear this weekend.nd >> you cannot be weak at at military football game. g you cannot complain .in . >> [laughter] >> i know it's cold out thereouh i right? rig >> i don't actually think it act will be all that bad.all at b >> oh really.>> o >> it's going to be cold. col couple things here.ngs he going to be a lot of sunshineshe and the winds tomorrow arero a going to come down quite a bit t so there will be a little ltl breeze out there tomorrow butoro look, i mean, there's -- i've'v been there at m and t when whe it's super hot i've been therene when it's super cold.old. i think tomorrow is not going to be a bad day tomorrow be hone with you especially if youialliy plan for it. there's definitely been worse games weather-wise at m and t.
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of the northwest 15 to 20's0' some gusts up around 20'sund 2 miles per hour. hou wind chill values will be in the 30's all day. day some places feeling in the teens this morning only in theyt upper 20's today with the windhn chill. layer, layer, layer and bundle up, too., la we 're 31 here in town now. look, this is not extreme,, extreme cold air for us buts b it's some of the coldest we'vese seen so far this season andthisn we're really fortunate becausetu we're not getting the brunt ofro this arctic air.c a it looks like most of it wil kind of be on the southern end of the extremely cold stuff.ff. we're going have a chilly weekend there's no doubt about that. reagan national 31. dullrees 28.agan bwi marshall 28.shl 28. this does not factor in the t wind obviously and it feelsee like it's in the teens in the i suburbs this morning, it feels t like it's in the 20's rightig near the district so here'ser the setup for this weekend.weekn tomorrow looks pretty good.oo as iks mentioned earlier for the game tomorrow not bad.orrow bad lots of sunshine. of suhine yeah, it will be cold. c we'll be upper 30's or so for kickoff.kickoff. and the high pressure will bell
5:17 am
it does look like on sunday, rapidly approaching stormhing sm system will bring clouds tog c the entire area so not muchuc sun if any on sunday and we'resu going to keep it fairly chilly i out there. there 40 tomorrow again with lots ofho sunshine, not quite as windy. 42 on sunday with mostlyh stly cloudy skies.clou ski limited sunshine on sunday. sda i just don't think we're going i to seal much s i want to show you this. we're c tlearo this morning, a few clouds today. lake effect machine is blowing g up there off lake area re, ontario, they're still unfrozen so look at all this alt lake effect coming across. acros they'll be measuring snow in sni feet up there. >> what? >> yeah, feet. hanre's going to be more t a foot of snowe mo in a lot of locations, maybe some placesla 2 feet of snow before it's allt' said and done. and d wow. keep it up there. tre here's erin como. >> it was so cold last night n gary. >> sure it was, yeah.e itas, >> and it's cold this morning.o. burn dell up. >> very much. the scarf the t gloves everything. want to get breaking news for f
5:18 am
of an issue at glenmont. delays to shady grove on the red line. moving to our camera now jshusad t about five minutes afghanistan when i wrote traffic flowing trafficte t way flowing on 66 o eastbound out by sudley road.ey. right now a heavy flow of traffic. no crashes reported but just atypical congestion for this time of morning reponge from 233 prince william parkway pastkwayt sold. moving over right now where traffic isver ri looking much bt top of the beltway this is at co inner loop volume increasing ing little bit more than wen we usually see on a fridayy see f morirning at 5:18 but no no slowdowns yet. yet. as we take a look at our maps ms plenty of green out therehe right now f you're heading todit mgm we have team coverage this morning down to national harbor. harbor. annie yu is inside and fox5's melanie alnwick you're on the roads. roads i know last night was aas nightmare getting there for me r personally. right now how are things looking?okin >> reporter: you know, kno surprisingly i would sayngly i d national harbor properoper everything is pretty quiet..
5:19 am
really when we were drivingving around earlier, the 4:30, 4:45 hour surprisingly there wasisin still a lot of activity there. now, you're looking atof this at overhead shot. i think that was from skyfoxox last night and you're going're n see sort of those red ribbons ro of brake lights. one of the things that princehan george's county police havece he done is they have a twitter twit handle, it's nh travel tips.ip national harbor travel tips.vel if you follow that, that's tt's going to be realtime information that they'rethhey' putting out. out one of the other things theye ot said for people that are comiheng to nationalor p harborr also make sure that you follow o them on twitter and follow the directions from the police pic officers here out among the community, not what you might see on your gps because they are doing things as a realtime dynamic traffic flow. major concerns are going to be the community support sup washington, temple hills,
5:20 am
along oxone in hteill road. really prince george's countync police are going to takege thisi first 72 hours, this opening weekend, see how their the blueprint plan worked and and maybe see what sort of adjustments need to be made. tbm one thing we noticed also evenve the tanger outlet parking lot l completely full. we're also going to check thehet oxon hill park and rideid because i know that that was aha major concern for people in the community as well whetherhe they would be table use that tha for commuting make sure it s wasn't full of mgm casino mgm cn er back with in you a little while. >> melanie on the move on a friday. holiday season brighterday for residents in one marylandseo community after they get their stolen packages back. fox5 because there was for the we'll showily. >> old man winter making him several known in win several states across the united states this morning. >> look at just when wees t>>hought we hadt bad. ba those cold temperatures ares a heading our way. i don't know about thehe white
5:21 am
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ly. >> ?? >> back now 5:23 and this morning we're getting a new look at the conditions inside wk arnoehouse ew we'rxcuse ee s me before the devastating fire e that left dozens of party o pary goers shelley mack sharing the videohv she says shows the cramped tight and dangerous conditions. she also claims the buildingldin manager ignored her letters lte about the unsafe conditions.tion >> residents displaced by they wildfires in tennessee have h started returning home.ted re 14 people were killedtu and kild thousands of structuresf structs damaged as fires ripped acrossir the eastern parts of thest state.erstat investigators have arrestedhavee and charged two teens with wit arson in connection with startta those deadly fires. >> heavy snow is fallingalng
5:24 am
states causing blizzard like conditions from or tour pennsylvania. deadly deadling asing bitions pileup of 40 cars and flux michigan yesterday leaving at at least three dead and 11 others injured. more snow expected east of the mississippipe rctiver over the r weekend with accumulation expected from the dakotas to dao vermont. >> all right. time.imthe gary mcgrady good morning tody g you. good to see you. >> wow. >> i >> feel that cold and all thatgo snow. an cold here but no snow. >> right.>> rht. >> yeah. >> wisdom asked earlier,ked ear, interesting white christmas thing. tng all i can say about our white christmas is the cold air willil be in place the way it'st's looking so you get the cold air first right. >> got to have that for the recipe. >> there you go. that's the most important partoe >>po of thertan rtecipe p because --, whatever, it's part of the recipe. re 31 degrees here in town. it's 25 degrees for westminster.stmir. it's 28 degrees for frederickr c so the colder air is comingin in. not the coldest of the year. y it looks like the coldest of o
5:25 am
us so we just kind of get the g southern end of it.utrn e it's still going to be super cold and temperatures outratureu there with wind chill feelth like it's in the teens and the e low 20's. westminster 16 degrees with the last check on the wind chill. frederick, when we captured this, it was basically notot blowing but no doubt the winds n still blowing up there so it u feels like it's in the teens as well. it'as wel remember, the wind chiller, factor is not a constant number. it fluctuates up and down with the speed of the wind. 30 degrees this morning h the temperatures out there today up in the upper 30's, 30' low 40's.0' doesn't really tell the talel te because it's going stay fairly l breezy and windy all day long. wind gusts will be 20 to be 20 o 25 miles per hour so the t feels-like temp all day long te in the 20's and the 30's.0' layer up. bundle up. bu sunshine at least so that ndwili help things out just a little bit and it looks like it stays a chilly pretty much all weekendke long and another cold shott comes in that next week so wee we'll talk more about that as m well coming up in just orae bib
5:26 am
friday morning traffic t heyrafy there. >> 5:25 gary f you're taking metro we have safe track surge 11e sa impacting the orange line and silver line residualresidu delays on the red line to line shady grove. any questions at erin fox5rin f5 d.c. on twitter.n . moving to a wide view of our roads, traffic looking good good through arlington, problemarli free through georgetown.etown. no issues in tysons.on seeing some volume building on n 66 eastbound by sudley butboun nothing atypical jusd t yet. y just a little bit earlier than we headed out by mgm nationall harbor let's see if we canee i take a look from melanie alnwick. she's been cruising around andrs she's in the parking lot right t now where it looks likewhere oos there's still a bunch of carsuno there. so, give yourself some time to get there. the good news is 414, 210 the beltway across acrs the wilson bridge coming inon b from virginia so much quieteruit than the traffic we encountered last night but the good news is for yourlast friday morning commute if you justf yos live in prince george's county t and you're trying get aroundryie the area right now traffic torac the casino isn't an issue foruef you.
5:27 am
impressed with how crowdd thatwt parking lot is right now secondaries in the area oxona on hill road flowing freely.g fely. looks like the lines into the parking garage has eased sinceen the party last night. nht back to you wisdom and holly. hy >> all those cars wisdom, iisdo, can win it back, i can win it wn back. >> hey, good luck, good luck. i keep mine in my pocket. >> hashtag house always wins. if yu looking for something to do this weekend> i though we might have the wmigh perfect answer and it is the milligram >> causing traffic we've got team coverage andt what you need to know coming up nextet.ameed up next. >> the house always wins,aysin that's what you need to know. ko >> keep it in my pocket.y poc wisdom martin's house alwaysay wins. ns
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>> right now on fox5 newsight morning p-the wait is n finally over. ov the mgm national harbor is officially o thousands lining up for their chance to wine, dine and dinedi at the area's newest attraction.attraction it's proving to be a trafficraff nightmare. coverage straight plus president-electre donald trump continues his tru thank you tour across america a as his cabinet continues totinus take shape.hape fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. m. >> good morning to to yo. thank you very much forank joining us.yojoining us
5:31 am
>> and i'm holly morris. we have made to it fridaynd ie t foo lks. it is december 9th.em >> gary mcgrady, erin como,y they also made it into wormckgrr today. good morning to both of you. good to see you.ning they got weather and trafficnd coming up in just a moment butot first, we've been talking talkig about it all morning. in fact f we've been talking about it abo for awhile.ut the wait ifos over.its o more than two years after construction crews broke grounds on the mgm back at thekt national harbor it iss officially opened.pene >> massive project is going goi have an immediate impact on iac the area from business tousineso traffic and that's why we've got morning. we'll start with melaniel start alnwick covering the roadswith a around the mgm and annie yu anny has the early morning crowds inside. let's start with those roads. so, mel, how is itart lwiookino this morning? morning? >> reporter: it's not tooot t bad we seen a number of policele officers station on the majorear intersections on oxon hillonhill road monument drive mgm flag m f hal boulevard as well.bou the picture you're looking at here is the tanger outlets.utle i'm really surprised at the a number of cars that are inat arn
5:32 am
i know that prince george'sncor county police were reallyolice r trying send a message to thegeo community please do not park over in tanger outlets because they have their own business and their own customers tome t deal with. w obviously that is not the case s and i think that's going to beo one of the things they'reof t going have to look at ishe how is that overflow parking goingng to work its way through.. because really there's only o 5,000 spaces in the mgm000 garage. now you have to people tryingspr to park in the neighborhoods trying to park in theng to i neighboring businesses.esse also saw a already at this hour at the oxon hill park and ride. and rid that was also a concern asrn a well. the major impacts not really expected to affect morningctorni traffic. tr really prince george's countyric police ande the fashion harboro traffic control center reallynta saying that the major impacts ic are going to be from 7:00 p.m. until midnight thursdayhuda through saturday, so what youou would expect, nights andights an weekends as well but we're as going to keep an eye on the eyet roads. you can also see many, many man
5:33 am
intehersections. let's go now anniersec yu who is checking on the business inside this morning. morni >> reporter:.>> repor >> reporter: hey, good hgo morning, melanie, good morning, everybody.verybo. business is certainly booming here insidrteai the mgm national harbor.ha the doors opened up earlierpli last night around 10:30 1 because thousands showed we're talking moreou than 5,0000 people waiting at the door to dr get inside and so the mgm national harbor folks openedolke the doors 30 minutes early toly let those folks in a 3300 slot machines, the more thm than one 20's table games werear all filled up, this early morning i got myot m gamblers, i got my jackie jacki here, good morning as well.el it joined out crowd here. these ladies are in goodnoo spirits this early hour butour they've been here a long timeont t your journey began lastegan l night around 9 o'clock orlo o 10 o'clock. o'c tell us what you have beenou ha through. >> it has been a hectic times b to get here but i'm so glad we e finally made it.e
5:34 am
>> i didn't feel you live overt at the national harbor. >> i do. >> reporter: where did you park. >> i actually couldn't park. they told us tofe the n orte you go toua thello tanger outlets and park. p the traffic was -- the parkingar lot was full.lo >> reporter: okay. okay. >> so, yes, so when i got there, the people weree w starting to leave here ande an come back and said that it washw full and come back.ack. in four hours.r hours. >> reporter: they were r denied access insideep becauseec it was overwhelmed.. any luck today? what's goingt'i on. >> oh, yes, last luck i'muc packed my bag 6:00 a.m., i'm, have alexandria vi husband and i and i have h beautiful suitcases but i justuj got me a green bag. green >> reporter: you're staying here. >> i'm staying here at thehe harbor on the other side. s >>id reporter: you don't wants to drive back over thatt bridge.idge >> no, no. >> reporter: how are there hotel rooms. >> excellent, excellent.lent, e. oh, my gosh, i don't wants to leave. i'm here. >> reporter: you really don't have tteor: leave. l if you can stay, stay. you but ladies, the next time i talk to you i want to hear about a jackpot and maybe -- ma- okay, all right, good luck. l
5:35 am
it is really then really is what everyone ery is saying guys when we stop s and talk people everyone isery s just amazed by the beautiful ambience and the lights andigs the music, everything is justg perfect. back to you in the studio.o you >> yes, yes. >> thanks annie t you knowou kno what is amazing to me, the the chance at winning, what it i does to people just the chancene and the hope to hit the jackpot. >> standing in lines, sittingins in traffic, braving the cold. >> amazing to me. to >> it's finally here because ieu five or six years ago wherego they were talking about this abt whole thing. >> go back 10 years ago when nothing enation harbor harbo existed. how amazing is that. t >> it's an awesome place. awe >> they have done ansoone an incredible job developing job dp that. . >> yeah. >> wisdom we're going to have to get out there.m we to>> gary i'm going pass g.m ina >> hm. >> i'm going to pass. >> i'll>> i'm need you to teache some of your gambling gblin techniques. >> his number one technique ist don't do it. i >> don't gamble, don't drink.ri
5:36 am
>> keep your hands in your p yopockets right.cketig >> walk on by. >> there's lots of things tohist do out there. you don't have 20 to gamble. s lots of great >> gary i don't have thear patience to sit in the traffic.y ti >> go hang out at the bar anden t the ba talk to people abour tand sport. >> i can do there in any number of places around thearoue region. >> 20's and 30's this morning for the kids it's going to bean cold, lots of sunshine.she. wind is up, too.wind is up, 10, 15, 20's miles per hour,our, have an occasional gust today over 20's miles per hour. h after school 36 to 42 so it'so still real cold. col we're cold today. t not quite as windy tomorrow.omoo tomorrow with the sunshine sit won't that be bad. woit will be cold but it won't w be extremely bad. b. these are real temperatures. 31 here in the city.ere cit of course they are.ey are. 25 degrees for gaithersburg, 32 for annapolis. annapolis a lot of locations feel like fel it's in the teens and in thens d 20's out there and i think thert that's the way it's going to feel for the next well several e hours out there believe it or not. again staying chilly throughchih the weekend. more cold air on the way nexteon week. we'll talk about that fullha
5:37 am
erin como who is talking --alng what else do you think, she's, e talking traffic.g trafc. >> 5:36 gary. breaking news on the red line. single tracking between shadyra grove and twickinnbrook.d t disabled train atwi rockville.ol expect delays in boths in bh directions. that's in addition to a reddi t line problem we've alreadylrea been tracking a switch blob b them at residual delays to shady grove.ov you may wants to consider get an early start. sta safe track surge 11 impacting ip orange and westboun left lane is blocked. blocked. we'll keep you updatewe'll ke fundamental on all the traffic and rails around the d. holly d and wisdom.and sdom. >> holiday season has many has parents checking their listeiis twice. however one toy won't be found in any stores all thanks to antn online hoax.onli still ahead the fake play sete that has the internet abuzz. >> more fake news is the story. story. more fake stories make theak news is what i'm trying toe s say.what first let's talk about change that is could be on theat is co horizon when it comes tozo
5:38 am
we'll have those details next. n >> all right.>> a right. live look outside as we head wed to break right now.reak rht n we're back in less than threere minutes. minu
5:39 am
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>> ?? >> a setback for developers wanting to get their hetands obn one of the last big pieces ofhe open s laspace in d.c. in d a court ruling has rejected approval avenue project toalve transform the mcmillan mcmilla filtration institutefi i northwest. the zoning commission had approved the $720 million planln to put shops offices and residences in that area butes i the court said the commissionhe didn't do a g cood job toob explain why the site exceed density limits for that area. >> phone calls from the skieshes could be on the horizon.d n th department of transportationpoio proposed new regulations thisiot week that would allowwoul all passengers to make in flightli phone calls using wifi. wif the new regulations are notre nt winning over many flight fgh attendants who say the callsal could cause arguments between passengers.paen delta southwest and alaskahwesaa airlines are now saying they san have no plans to ever allow calls. >> 5:frontrunner is the time.ntu a happy reunion lastnn night int howard county as policeas polic
5:42 am
packages that were stolen off the front porches back tohes bao their rightful owners.wn police say an alert witness called 911 earlier this weekhi w to report a suspicious white whi box truck driving around the neighborhood stealing packalg camps. police later tracked down that truck and arrested the two menea insides. were found in thee found in the back that of truck. >> reaction pouring in following the death of john thenn. the first american top orbitop o earth. still ahead, how he's beingei honored and remembered thisthis morning. >> get ready for a chill this weekend. gary mcgrady has got your mcgrah full forecast trait straight --- straight ahead but a greetingg from a local service memberbe overseas.. >> it's the wilson building.g. >> ?? >> hi. hi. i'm lieutenant colonel randy ivall commander bagramram happy holidays to my wife and wd kids in frederick maryland.ylan happy holidays angie, love you. happy holidays kaitlyn and
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> ?? >> i was so hoping you were going give me some kitty rogers right now,as so g gi they rogers right now. now the gambler. live picture of the mgm fashion h first full day open
5:46 am
even in these early morningthrn hours but of course the doorsoos opened last night at 11 o'clock. i'm sure it will be jam packed c all weekend and you know -- kno let's see, what were you doing i last night? i know everybody ko you can't not not sing the singh gambler when it comes on.wheit m that's why i love that song. s >> do you know any words.u >> i know all the words. >> do you really. knoo you l >> i do, too. t >> ?? >> you got to know when to wn fold them, know when to foldn tf them and for you know when to w walk away and for you know k when to r. >> run argue round.>> r >> i never count my money nevmo while i'm sitting at the ath table. >> that's what it says, yout ys never do that. t >> it was crazy traffic, worseoe than i even imagined. i once i got in it was beautiful. it was so worth the lack of so sltheep. >> look at -- you all look beautiful. >> thank you. thankou >> for those of that you watch t fox5 this is the it crew right here tucker and caitlin, steveie and stephanie and chris and erin and they are our socialocia
5:47 am
>> and they report back to >> and then they report back. b >> worthy to go. oing backu guys g >> i would go back in a heartbeat. jos? andres has a restaurantur there. i had a burger because i wasecse running around getting ready in that red gown and i'mnd dressed up took some picturess i'm having a cheeseburger.heesge >> did you hit the crapsit t crs table. >> i did not gamble. chris and i decide we just wanted to pop in popnop out get some sleep.e s >> what was the vibe wav >> everyone was so excited, elegant gangs, beautiful tuxedos. sarah jessica parker was therere t there was a huge buzz and line.. everyone seemed thrilled to be there. >> i want to go to her store and buy abet to pair of i would feel like i've won.i'ven >> i wouldn't be here right now if i waited in that line.t l >> you could have reported back from the line. >> exactly.ctly
5:48 am
there that wisdom and i would wu that appreciate or is it allor l about the ladies. >> i was thinking zima. >> is that a cream? i don'tam know what that >>ow it's a drink that theyink e don't serve any more. mor >> cold wind today.wind t >> popular when i was in college. cold wind today.ld wind okay, here we go. hold on. i have to run because there'ssee no time left. >> you got to know when to runun and know when to walk away.way. >> know when to hold them and tm fold them all that good stuff on a train b somewhere. 31 degrees in town, cincinnati 24. in lo24ok how cold this is.s. we're getting a piece of it's coming down. dow drum roll please.le every morning old crow take aw a guess, 46 degrees for old crow. below zero. z 46 degrees below zero. >> it's holding steady. i >> it can't get muct'hs colder than that. old croat minus 46. 4 what did you think we wereid thi going 50 below.goow i'll check and see the coldest e
5:49 am
40 degrees tomorrow sunshine, sunday 42, mostly clouds.lo we've lowered sunday just are littled bit. bit let's watch out monday morning i and. monday morning with some of witf this cold air trapped at thed at surface we cop end up wayp up little bit of a changeover, some rain, maybe a bit of a mix. this week what we're getting gti now here is not the polarol vortex coming down but nextut nx week will be the polar vortex pv kind of coming down closer to c us so there's next week. this comes across next weeknext and it's looking like it'se it' going to be even colder thanerha what we're dealing with now.w. so, more like january, latery, t next week, we're talking tki thursday, friday and into the ie weekend as well, okay.ka and then cold air will getl pushed offer to the north aso eo well. so clear skies this morning thi for the most part.for th tons of snow up in the lakes, ls all right.right temperature today will make it up42. 42. mak gusty and cold a few clouds. i'll show you the seven day in i a few minutes.w mes right now we got to do trafficda with erin como. >> all right, 4:49 and we're w
5:50 am
on our roads right n if you're headed inbound onoundn suitland parkway a crash before branch avenue blocking the left lane.left task traffic is starting toraff pick up leading inbound.p leadiu we'll keep yound update fundamental. southern maryland delay free as you make your way mar out on five. little volume picking uple v through clinton 210 still muchh quieter than what we were seeing on the way to nationalo a harbor last night.ha inner loop wide opened right there. let's take a live look outsideoo from melanie alnwick. aln she is on the casino rgh now. now. this is the wilson bridge is ls actually and you can see and y e volume a little heavier this time of morning. melanie is down by mgm and things are a little quieter quit than what we were seeing sin surprising amount of cars c still parked at the outletsed au and we're seeing nice speeds spd though on the secondaries ondars oxon hill road.oxon hl ro we'll let you know if thatnow changes. inside the cass noelle annienn was showing us pretty back to you holly and wisdom. >> ?? >> time is 5:50. 5:5 metro making an exception to
5:51 am
the rail service will stay wills opened until 3 a.m. for newor year's eve, people who are traveling on new year's eve. currently metro closes everyse night at midnight.t atidnigh those hours started in june and will continues until june 2017. metro made the change to allow time for much needed repairh ne work. wo metro also announced today itod will run on a weekend scheduleel on christmas eve, christmas cism day and the day afterft christmas as well.christmaas >> hot on the web this morningw donald trump may washington but he'll still an si have a hand in hollywood.inwo he'll stay on as executive producer of celebrity apprentice.appr knowledge sure what his involvement will be or how much he'll be paiden.owledgemend >> the nation's opioid opi epidemic is getting worse.orse deaths were up 73 next weeks president obama isks due to sign a bill pre that givg another billion dollars to dollo expand access to drugg treatment.eatm >> the world this morninghe wor
5:52 am
glenn.n. the space pioneer turned turned politician died yesterday atan d the age of 95. funeral arrangements are stillrs being worked out though we do know glenn will be buried atiedt arlington national cemetery. cet he served in world war ii and korea before joining the space a program. >> finally friday afternoonsaftn are for happy hour but one barub scene has the internet abuzznteb this morng. take a look at what you see on s your screen.your an instagram user posted this picture seeming to show a fisher pr be a happy hour bar set.r b s of course it's a fake but not everyone realized it was a fake right away and fisherig a price was blasted by many people on social media.edia the company had to release ase statement saying please know k that this product is notot endorsed, produced or approved by fisher price.rice. >> people can just make stuff up. up isn't it amazing. amazing >> slate on the internet and on people will run with it and then --th >> the traction it gets.he >> yes, you have to be t y, yo careful.
5:53 am
bouncer there checking i.d.'s... >> yeah.ea >> just kidding. >>l right. check out what might be thee cutest graduation pictures picre ever.ev these adorable pups donning caps and gowns at the puppy pup university at the virginia maryland college of veterinarian medicine.edicine. they're the first puppies to complete the service dog program. those are love it. >> very nice. >> 5:53 is the time right now. now for a holiday clasic for this week's special foxci beat free friday give away youyo can win four tickets to see moscow ballet's great russian nutcracker.tcrack that's between d.c. 20's first t and the 23rd at strathmore. >> it's a prize way retaila pri value of $224.22 go to between now and the 11:59 tonight and enter for youror chance to win. w one western will be selectedll l
5:54 am
must be 18 or old. o old complete rules are availableable at >> time for our facebook fan of the day. toda y it is james and joyce a butler. butler >> they're celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary. congratulations. that's awesome. ated --inated -omin they were nominated severaler times on our facebook page byk many friends who said thesehe fans of the day -- being fanbeif of the day will be a great wayrt to start their anniversary weekend and we agree.end we celebrate all week long. long. for your chance to be tomorrow's fan just leave aeavea comments butlers' photo on our facebook f page. >> looking good, looking good. l there's a lot going onere' this weekend. people going to be down at theat mgm >> that's inside, that's good.h. >> there's going to be a big gnt football game army-navy up in baltimore. >> cold but sunny not as gland n people still going out to seetil the national christmas g tree. t >> cold bundle inwrap up.wr u best time to see that is at night. gh >> that's excellent gary.t'exce >> love how we're just having hv a conversation. >> people are going to be oute shopping.are >> right.
5:55 am
>> and then today people still andnding to school n to work. wor >> that's right. perfect segue wisdom. w 20's and 30's for the kids athed the bus stop. bundle them up because it is super cold this morning.r cold . here are temperu it's 31 in town. lots of 20's out in the20's suburbs. that doesn't fell the tale.he t wind chill values this morningtr are in the teens and the lower 20's. i promised you i would showi woo you the seven-day forecast so s here you go.reou g 42 today.oday tomorrow sunny, still coldti c tomorrow but not as breezy,re all right.rig. so, most of us will be in the te 30's but since gusty really, it's not goingt g to feel terrible out there.e oue if you're going to the army-navy game wrap up.-nav should be in good shape. mostly sunny for tomorrow.ld b then more clouds come in. i think we're mostly cloudy onsd sunday. sunday limit sunshine so that means temperature only 42.ns morning mix possible on monday a no, big deal. no look again next week., gain nt w way down the line next week, thursday, high of only 36. oonly oh, man, you would think it's winter or something.omet here's >> 5:55 right now.righ good news if you're taking the red line single trackingck
5:56 am
we had app disabled train atd tr rockville but watch fore t watc residual delays in both directions. still dealing with a switchth sh problem at glenmont with w residual delays to shady grove on the red line see still some red line problems. we'll keep you linre updated. u. safe track surge 11 impactingckr the orange and silver lines.vern if you take a look at ourk at o roads right now westbound wtb suitland parkway a crash par c before that branch avenuere t blockihang the left lane.he l keep it to the right.. watch for delays building.g. if you're head out in fredericksburg 95 northbound by plank road virginia threed vt there's a fuel spill cleanupuell a lane is blocked so we'reso going to try to keep you updated on those delays.ho delay in southern maryland we'reylan delay free. let's take a live lookeoo outside. melanie alnwick at mgm right rig now and look at that, we aret,e at speed. s i can tell you last night inigh left my house about 6:10 in georgetown. didn't get down there for about an hour and 20 minutes. mt it was quite a commute. commu right now that's not the case. c if you're just headed to worktow in prince george's county ore ge from virginia across thecross te wilson bridge you're in greatu'r shape. 210, 414 all at we'll keep you updated on that
5:57 am
some vre delays. del keach to it fox5 news morning.o. we'll have the very latest asvev
5:58 am
kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, you love.
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>> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. >> the doors are fox5 opened, e roulette wheel is spinning and the excitement at mgm national harbor continues. a steady stream of peopleeoe arriving to do a little ming.g. >> and i'm guessing most ofg st those people have been there
6:00 am
outside of the resort oh my goodness traffic what a nightmare. here's a live look right now n seven hours after the casino cas welcomed guest for the firstst f time. state police will to close several exits off the beltways b to keep theel traffic moving along. >> today's other big story the e bitter temperatures heading our way.eaw it's friday december 9th.9th. weather and traffic coming upafp for you on the 5s at 6:zeroze advertisement good fridayy morning, i'm allison seymour.eyo >> and i'm steve chenevey. chene three straight pictures national harbor. that's a big deal this morning.morng. living up to the hype skyfoxto capturing the scene outside of u the mgm national harbor abouthat an hour before the casinoo opened to the public last night.t. traffic already causing majoradj headaches and then it even --orv it just got worse. >> congestion didn't ease up inside some waited in line for hours to get inside. insid is it any better this morning. i annie yu is checking it out. annie two days in


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